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Female Heavyweight Fight for MMA Fighter Harley SoCal

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SteelFist Fight Night "6"If you’ve been involved in the female MMA fight community for any length of time, you’ll know the name “Harley SoCal” – a female fighter who’s been looking for a heavyweight fight for a loooong time now!

The good news? She’s finally found a great promotion and a willing and capable opponent. Naturally I just had to ask her some questions about her upcoming fight.

Katrina: You've been trying to get a fight for a long did this fight finally get put together?

Harley: It's been since June 2009 since my last fight. And actually Nichole Long Castillo is the person who passed on the name of the fighter I will be facing, Rachel Kemker. So after Nichole gave me her name I contacted her on Facebook and we went from there. Both of us are really excited about this!

Katrina: So Harley - tell me, why is getting this fight so important to you?

Harley: It's important to me because I love the sport, it's not easy to put into words how much it means. I'm just glad that we were able to make this happen.

Katrina: What is your style of fighting? Where have you been training, and what martial art(s) have you been practicing?

Harley: My style I guess you could say is freestyle, I really don't have style persay. I like all the different styles and learning about them. I been doing a little of everything really from boxing to wrestling.

Katrina: What about your opponent, Rachel Kemker, what do you know about her, and how have you been preparing for your fight against her?

Harley: Well we are both 0-1 and it's going to be a pretty even match up, except that she is 5'9 and I'm 5'5. Just been preparing the same I would for any fight and just training in different aspects of MMA. Working with a new boxing coach, different trainers and just picking up new things.

Katrina: Fast forward to a day after the fight...and you've lost. What's next?

Harley: I would have to say get back in the gym and work on what needs to make me a better fighter. Review video see what I could of done different and improve there.

Katrina: Now forward to a day after the fight...and you've won. What's next?

Harley: I would probably take a couple days off and then back to the gym. Review video and see what I can improve on, which there is always something.


Harley: I want to thanks Roger Fulton of California Vitamins of Ventura, Bone Deep Tattoos Shop in Camarillo, Wilks Family Medicine in Newbury Park for getting me in to do my physical and EKG. As well as some really cool fans like George Syroney for donating some money to help me out, Lacey Neher for posting for me on her Real Women and Men blog, Chris Schenk for giving me help, Melissa Traynor for helping me with nutrition as well as Coach Henry and Coach Donald at KO Studio in Westlake, where I train and you, Katrina, for always helping out in anyway you can!! Last but not least my wife, Stacey Gilbert for supporting me with everything. I love you Stacey!

Katrina: Anything else you’d like to say?

Harley: Yes - This is the card I will be fighting on. It’s on March 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our fight is the first ever female fights for Steelfist Fights!! So stoked!!

My fight is a week away, and I’m still looking for sponsors to help me out. If you can, even if it’s just a little bit, please contact me at harleysocal at This fight between me and Rachel Kemker is the 1st ever female fight for Steelfist Fight Nights. They are expecting approximately 900-1100 fans to show up and support these fights, so it would be great exposure for Sponsors. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Good luck Harley, you're very welcome, as always. It's a pleasure to work with someone who's so dedicated and appreciative.

If you can help her in any way, don't hold back! I challenge you to give up your $5 latte today, and send it to Harley instead.  Let's get her to her fight! Email her This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to pay via PayPal.

Meanwhile, check out this cool video from SteelFist. How weird is it that you can fight in Utah, but not New York?!

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